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G Tech - Gravity Material

G Tech - Gravity Material
Artist: G Tech
Product Code: STFUS018
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This track has power.. A solid production that we feel is a great starting block to be bursting from! If you like your Breaks on the techy side, this track most definately deserves your support!

This is GTech's debut release and we are no less than proud to be able to project it from our shop. Again we bring to you another STFU Fammo member who saw what we were doing and recognised it as a good thing that they wanted to be involved with.

GTech is a name you may not have heard of before, despite this he is someone who has been into the Breaks scene for over 17 years and no doubt like many people nowadays finds that he has been producing music for some 15 years now and DJ'ing for over 20! He is also skilled and lucky enough to currently hold a residency at Kent based “Crooked Halo's” night called “Turbulence”. He has always been a big music fan with tastes covering multiple genres and like many others out there a raver for life with Breakbeat as his musical passion from day dot.